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rock-and-roll concerts back in California, when he met

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"But I couldn't be sure of that. I couldn't carry out my purpose, even if I had one. I had to doubt, and to be unhappy, and to hate myself, because I had been perverse. I declare, I do think you men have so much the best of it. How glorious would it have been to be able to walk straight up and say, Jonathan Stubbs, I love you better than all the world. Will you be my husband?" "But suppose the Jonathan Stubbs of the occasion were to decline the honour. Where would you be then?"

rock-and-roll concerts back in California, when he met

"That would be disagreeable," said Ayala.

rock-and-roll concerts back in California, when he met

"It is disagreeable -- as you made me feel twice over."

rock-and-roll concerts back in California, when he met

"Therefore it is possible that you may have the best of it." "And so you never will take another walk with Ayala Dormer?" she said, as they were returning home.

"You cannot think how I regret it. Of course I am glad to become your wife. I do not at all want to have it postponed. But there is something so sweet in having a lover -- and you know that though I shall have a husband I shall never have a lover again -- and I never had one before, Jonathan. There has been very little of it. When a thing has been so sweet it is sad to think that it must be gone for ever!" Then she leaned upon him with both her hands, and looked up at him and smiled, with her lips a little open -- as she knew that he liked her to lean upon him and to look -- for she had caught by her instinct the very nature of the man, and knew how to witch him with her little charms. "Ah me! I wonder whether you'll like me to lean upon you when a dozen years have gone by."

"That depends on how heavy you may be."

"I shall be a fat old woman, perhaps. But I shall lean upon you -- always, always. What else shall I ever have to lean upon now?" "What else should you want?"

"Nothing -- nothing -- nothing! I want nothing else. I wonder whether there is anybody in all the world who has got so completely everything that she ever dreamed of wanting as I have. But if you could have been only my lover for a little longer -- !" Then he assured her that he would be her lover just the same, even though they were husband and wlfe. Alas, no! There he had promised more than it is given to a man to perform. Faith, honesty, steadiness of purpose, joined to the warmest love and the truest heart, will not enable a husband to maintain the sweetness of that aroma which has filled with delight the senses of the girl who has leaned upon his arm as her permitted lover.

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