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cases. The Nixon administration had promulgated new rules

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The Captain now had no hesitation in taking himself to Queen's Gate. As he was to be married he might as well make the best of such delights as were to be found in the happy state of mutual affection. "My dear, dearest Benjamin, I am so happy," said Lady Tringle, dissolved in tears as she embraced her son-in-law that was to be. "You will always be so dear to me!" In this she was quite true. Traffick was not dear to her. She had at first thought much of Mr Traffick's position and noble blood, but, of late, she too had become very tired of Mr Traffick. Augusta took almost too much upon herself, and Mr Traffick's prolonged presence had been an eyesore. Captain Batsby was softer, and would be much more pleasant as a son-in-law. Even the journey to Ostend had had a good effect in producing a certain humility.

cases. The Nixon administration had promulgated new rules

"My dear Benjamin," said Augusta, "we shall always be so happy to entertain you as a brother. Mr Traffick has a great regard for you, and said from the first that if you behaved as you ought to do after that little journey he would arrange that everything should go straight between you and papa. I was quite sure that you would come forward at once as a man."

cases. The Nixon administration had promulgated new rules

But Gertrude's delight was, of course, the strongest, and Gertrude's welcoming the warmest -- as was proper. "When I think of it," she said to him, "I don't know how I should ever have looked anybody in the face again -- after our going away with our things mixed up in that way."

cases. The Nixon administration had promulgated new rules

"I am glad rather now that we didn't find the clergyman."

"Oh, certainly," said Gertrude. "I don't suppose anybody would have given me anything. Now there'll be a regular wedding, and, of course, there will be the presents."

"And, though nothing is to be settled, I suppose he will do something." "And it would have been very dreadful, not having a regular trousseau," said Gertrude. "Mamma will, of course, do now just as she did about Augusta. He allowed her L#300! Only think -- if we had been married at Ostend you would have had to buy things for me before the first month was out. I hadn't more than half a dozen pair of stockings with me."

"He can't but say now that we have done as he would have us," added the Captain. "I do suppose that he will not be so unnatural as not to give something when Augusta had L#200,000."

"Indeed, she had not. But you'll see that sooner or later papa will do for me quite as well as for Augusta." In this way they were happy together, consoling each other for any little trouble which seemed for a while to cloud their joys, and basking in the full sunshine of their permitted engagement.

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